Water damage restoration in Westerville, OH

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At Columbus Bath & Basement Remodeling we pride ourselves on providing premier workmanship and consistent quality of service on each and every water damage restoration job. We know time is crucial when it comes to limiting the water damage caused by a flood situation or flooded basement, that is why we offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week. We realize the importance of having a home or commercial premise restored to its original state as well as having an environment that does not become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. All of our technicians are trained specifically in handling water damage as well as using the latest in disaster restoration and cleanup technology to create a germ-free environment and a home that is restored to its pre-disaster state.

Water damage and flooding is a serious issue and one that must be attended to as soon as possible. However, water damage can occur at any time and usually comes when not expected. Damage can come from natural disasters such as flooding from excessive rainfall and severe storms, while other flood damage situations can occur due to leaking faucets, frozen water lines that have burst, or broken sewage pipes. The quicker the damage can be stopped and handled, the more items in a home or business that can be protected from permanent damage.

Trained technicians from Columbus Bath & Basement Remodeling will first come out for a free consultation to check the cause of flooding in your home or business before beginning the restoration process of water extraction, cleanup, and restoration. Understanding the reason for the water damage also plays an important role in knowing the extent of damage and possible bacteria or mold infestation. Depending on the time over which the damage has happened will determine if there is a higher chance of the presence of bacteria or mold. Our professionally accredited technicians have been trained to assess the different causes of damage and the implications it will have for your restoration cleanup process.

Water Damage Restoration Cleanup Experts of Westerville, Ohio


Many water damage cleanup companies overlook the most important aspects of effective drying. Buildings are like sponges, so just because there isn’t any visible water we shouldn’t conclude that the building is dry. Also, attic and basement water damage can be particularly tricky to handle because of hidden moisture and conditions that are ripe for speedy growth of fungi and bacteria, and any sewage damage that might be associated with the flooding can contain dangerous microbes that pose a serious danger to your health and other people that use that residence or commercial premise. So it’s important to use a water damage company that are expert at delivering all aspects of water damage restoration.

As one of the most trusted and reliable Flood Damage Restoration companies in Westerville and serving most of Ohio, we provide many different options for flood damage restoration cleanup services for residential and commercial premises. Our company has become the trusted Disaster Restoration company because of our up front honesty with our customers and the reliability that we can be counted on to offer. Our valued clients are the utmost priority, and we guarantee that that you will be completely satisfied with our cleanup service and workmanship before the job is complete. Let us help you get your home or business back in order after a flood disaster has occurred; our flood extraction cleanup services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any emergency that may crop up. Call us today at (614) 310-4999 for all of your flood damage restoration needs.