Columbus Walk in Bathtubs For Seniors and Handicap Bathtubs

Our goal is to make bathing safer and stress-free in order to allow seniors and people with disabilities to be more independent.  When it comes to deciding on walk in tubs or handicap bathtubs and the various options available, it can be quite challenging to know if the plans that you have put in place are exactly what you’ll need based on your situation. With our walk in bathtub design and installation process, you can be sure that you’re enjoying a walk in bathtub manufactured to the highest standards and are some of the most user-friendly handicap tubs on the market today.


We’ll help you find the correct model for your needs while also keeping within your budget, and also help you understand the differences between the various kinds of walk in tubs for seniors available on the market today, including walk in showers as well.  There are many things to consider when buying a walk in shower. The most obvious is size. You can’t choose a tub that is too big or small because it will cause either leak or structural problems. Another thing one might not consider is how fast the tub fills and drains. Since the tub has to fill while you sit inside, it can be quite cold. However, there are systems that will fill the tub faster so you don’t get uncomfortable. A third thing to consider is the purpose of the tub. There are basic tubs that are just used for bathing called soaker tubs, but you can also get tubs with air jets and therapeutic tubs that serve more than one purpose. We work with manufacturers and suppliers to make sure all your concerns are addressed and solved so that you are 100% satisfied with your new walk in tub.



Installation of your walk in bathtubs and showers is quick, clean, and you’ll instantly appreciate the professional standards that we hold ourselves to in addition to the safety that you would expect.  We begin with removing your old tub. This is done with the utmost precision so as not to damage any of the structure of your home.  We then either recycle or dispose of your old tub.  We then go through a very delicate and particular process of cleaning up and repairing any area behind your old tub that has been damaged.  At this time we also prep your plumbing for the new tub.  We then bring in and fit the new tub, again taking care to make sure your home is not damaged.  The final step is to make the finished product.  Our installers are meticulously trained in the latest in techniques and technology and most installations can be accomplished in only a few days, depending upon the degree of demolition required of your existing bathroom.


Choosing a walk in bathtub to suit your changing mobility and safety needs need not be about function alone, but aesthetics and pampering yourself in a beautiful surrounding is key also.  No need to sacrifice style and our walk in tubs can also fit any budget. Most of our walk in bathtubs also feature hydrotherapy jets that welcome you into relaxation and help ease the worries of your day.

  • Low-threshold door with easy access – allows for safety getting in and out
  • Integrated safety features – grab bars for safe and secure access near the door
  • Heated hydrotherapy jets – 20 jets treating you to a spa-like massage each time
  • Stable seating – giving you options for safer and comfortable bathing
  • Quick draining system – fast draining in less than two minutes
  • Door seal – patented design and construction allow for guarantee against leaking
  • Convenient 1 day installation – quick and easy, and features a lifetime warranty on the door seal
  • However, another significant part of the benefits of walk in tubs is the fact that they make it comfortable and simplistic for you to just get in and relax. Walk in bathtubs are also the perfect solution for those who want quality and safety that walk-in tubs and showers are known for, easing your worry of slipping or falling as you get in and out of the tub.With the custom doors that you simply walk through, it gives you a much lower step to get over while still providing you with a barrier to water for the rest of your bathroom.  To learn more about our walk in bathtubs and quick installation, contact us today.