Columbus Tub to Shower Conversion Tips

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December 12, 2018
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Columbus Tub to Shower Conversion Tips

Removing the tub within your bathroom and replacing it using a walk in shower can produce a spa-like experience. Should you start adding some glass doors as well as a bench, it is possible to sit, relax, and take up steam while pretending that you will be in a luxurious resort. Making the change is usually an interesting DIY project  though you can also choose to engage a professional. It can help make a gorgeous look for your bathroom that you will love regardless of the route you are taking. Below are a few Columbus tub to shower conversion tips.

1.Measuring the Space

Don’t assume all showers can or will easily fit into the room previously occupied from the bathtub. If this is the situation, you might want to expand the lavatory walls, that might involve remodeling of other parts of your home. Most bathtubs possess a duration of 60 inches plus a width of 30 inches. Based on the National Kitchen and Bath Association, showers should have a length of 30 inches along with a width of 30 inches too. If you desire a larger space for your shower, it might be essential to move the vanity or toilet, or you might need to reconfigure the walls.

2.Taking out the Old Tub

Taking out the old tub is much from simple. If yours may be the old claw-and-foot style bathtub, removing be more successful. However, most houses have bathtubs attached with walls that normally include a shower surround. Such bathtubs could possibly be attached using screws or installed with expanding foam beneath the surround. With respect to the chronological age of the bath along with the installation, it might have to be pried out or remove by using a saw. In the event tiles surround the tub, it might be important to eliminate them in addition to part of the wall.

3.Installing the New Shower

Once the old tub has become removed, it will likely be essential to repair a large part of the wall before installing the newest shower. With regards to a brand new walk-in shower you’ve got a few choices: Installing a bath pan which has a wall surround or installing tiles. The shower pan with all the wall surround will be the easiest choice to install since it is possible to fit them as a couple of large pieces. Tiles conversely are more durable and search nicer but require careful measurement and individual installation. Furthermore, tile costs greater surround and it is price increases with all the tile quality you decide on.

4.Installing Panels or Doors

For that walk-in shower you can either choose tile panels or even a glass door. The glass door is among the most popular choice as it provides the shower a good enclosure. However, even without the space to setup a clear glass door, tile or glass panels are a fantastic alternative. Panels assistance to mark off of the shower area but don%u2019t present an enclosure. If you opt for panels make sure that you have non-slip material to the flooring since it are certain to get wet. You can also have to switch the bathroom floor.

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