Remodel Ideas For Handicap Showers

Are you looking for the easiest way to get a handicap shower or a more effective barrier free shower remodel plan put in place? Then you have come to the right place. We specialize in barrier free shower remodeling services, and we focus on providing safe and accessible bathtubs for the elderly as well as for those with disabilities.

We have many options to choose from including handicap accessible shower stalls with shower chairs for the disabled as well as barrier free shower pans. Our goal is to provide you a shower design that provides a safe, independent and convenient alternative to traditional bath tubs that are not as easily accessible for the elderly and those with disabilities. By eliminating the danger and risk of stepping into a bathtub, using a low threshold handicap accessible shower design, you can lower the stress of bathing as well as gain your bathing independence back. Most important to consider when remodeling a bathroom is to try and accommodate the long term needs of the elderly or persons with limited mobility as best as possible, and our numerous small bathroom design ideas are sure to find a match for your needs as well. If you rarely use your bathtub, or feel unsafe and want to gain more independence in your bathing, converting to a barrier free walk in shower with easy access is always a great idea.  Let us help with a barrier free shower design that aims for beautiful aesthetic design while also including the functionality and safety that you depend on.  Our low entry threshold shower designs set the standard for safety, aesthetic beauty, and of course durability.  And many designs are available in a full range of sizes that meet the needs of bathtubs for the elderly as well as handicap bathtubs for those needing better mobility and access.

Smaller and more cost effective handicap showers can be the best solution of those with limited mobility no matter the reason, and they provide the peace of mind and relaxation that one usually associates with a soothing bathing experience. Now, you can take the stress and anxiety out of bathing.  With our CAPS-trained staff (Certified Aging In Place Specialists), let our staff’s sensitivity and training help you adapt your bathroom to your needs.  We always take the time to answer all of your questions and to discuss the many wonderful benefits that you’ll find in all types and designs of walk in tubs and showers as well as barrier free shower designs.

You or your loved one shouldn’t experience stress when bathing, you should feel safe and secure through every step of the way.  With the help of our expertly trained staff, let us share some barrier free shower plans that will help you make it much easier for yourself in general to start controlling and actually enjoying the bathing process. Another added benefit is the fact that handicapped showers can be cost-effective too. With our team you can have an accessible handicap shower and an easy option for getting in and out each time without having to break the bank.  Our CAPS-trained staff can help you estimate the cost for remodeling your bathroom based on our innovative designs.

For those with mobility issues, simple things like bathing can become extremely difficult.  If you or a loved one needs help to bathe an accessible bath or shower can help.  We’ve helped lots of homeowners regain their bathing independence.  Relieve joint pain and stress with our relaxing walk-in bathtubs.  All of our accessible baths and showers are safe, durable, and look great.  Get a bathroom that changes to meet your needs so you can enjoy bathing independently for years to come.

Many of the accidents that occur in the home are in the bathroom.  Those wet, slippery surfaces can make it easy to fall, especially for those with limited mobility.  If you or a loved one has mobility issues, don’t wait for a fall!  Our range of accessible tubs and showers can make bathing safer and more comfortable.  Plus our range of accessories like grab bars and shower seats can make bathing even easier!

Another benefit that not many think about is the value.  A walk in bathtub is considered an upgrade to any home and will thus increase the value of your home.  It can also give you the opportunity to improve the bathroom you already have.  A new coat of paint and some upgraded accessories can make it look like a whole new room.

Are you not sure what to do and how to get your bathroom remodel ideas to suit your needs? Start with one of bathroom remodel exerts whether it be shower remodel ideas or a bathroom makeover, you can start to make a big change to the way that you live your life and start moving forward with trust and comfort once again thanks to our premium barrier free showers and handicap shower systems. We love working with customers one on one to help with their design needs, so reach out to us today for a free estimate and consultation for any of your barrier free shower or handicap accessible shower design needs.